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Life Hacks

6 Life Hacks Attorneys Can Use

6 Life Hacks Attorneys Can Use

6 life hacks attorneys can use are useful tips and tricks to improve the efficiency of daily tasks at work. We know the busy day in the life of attorneys can be stressful and daunting, so we came up with this blog to  help lighten the load and save a little time.

1.  Take advantage of  Google Voice to be your electronic receptionist.

Google Voice is a free Internet-based calling service. It is a wonderful supplement to your existing landline or mobile phone. One of the most popular features is being able to give out one number to clients that will ring to all of your phones (work, home and mobile), or none at all, depending on when you set your time of availability. This  makes it much easier to quickly return calls to prospective new clients or anyone that needs to contact you that requires speedy response. Google Voice has several other useful features, like an online voicemail account that sends transcriptions of voice messages to your Gmail account, conference calling, free SMS to email messages and so much more.

 2.  Set your clocks everywhere 10 minutes fast.

This one is a common sense, no-brainer we really don’t have to elaborate on. Get up early, out the door early, arrive early and you just may find time to catch your breath somewhere in the day.

3.  Adequate case management software., for example, offers numerous benefits that will drastically increase your productivity. Included in its features are, case-to-case scrolling, easy collaboration with colleagues, fast case opening, quick tracking of case progress and much more.

4.  Upload important documents to your cloud storage.

Whether you use Google Drive or Apple’s iCloud, having your passport size photos, birth certificates, and signatures in one place makes it easy to access anyplace, any time.

5. Tackle your most challenging task at the beginning of your day. 

At the beginning of the day we are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with but by the end of the day you don’t want or need any extra energy-draining challenges.

6. Take some time to yourself to do something you want to do

Like read 6 life hacks for attorneys, a little yoga or meditation even, the point being, do something that you want to do, not just what is required of you in the day.


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Court Reporters

Digital Recorders Or Court Reporters?

Digital recorders or Court Reporters 

Digital recorders have been a very controversial topic in the legal community. Our blog this week will go over a few reasons why hiring a court reporter is the right choice for an accurate transcript.

How are court reporters superior to the use of digital recording devices?

  • Court reporters capture only the words that are spoken and relevant to the specific proceedings, whereas digital recorders often record everything, including the noise from shuffling papers, various audible interference and private conversations between attorney and client.
  • Court reporters can  stop the proceedings for clarification and read back when necessary.
  • Court reporters can easily read back requested testimony in a matter of seconds, whereas audio recordings all depend on the operator’s ability to properly annotate the proceedings.  In addition, many attorneys and judges prefer not to listen to the entire length of the recording.
  • Court reporters working in realtime  allow for annotations. In addition, the words  appear on the users’ screens seconds after they are spoken.
  • Court reporters are professionals, specially trained and state licensed
  • Court reporters personally purchase and maintain all required equipment and software.
  • Audio recordings do not allow judges or attorneys to do research during a proceeding; however ,when using realtime they can annotate during the proceedings as well as  organize their marked testimony. The court reporter will also be using software that will make it possible to cut and paste.  The court reporter’s notes can be put on a screen or printed out in a report.
  • Audio recordings still require transcription in most cases. 
  • Audio Recordings have upfront costs for equipment acquisition.
  • Audio recordings  require ongoing costs to the court for purchasing and maintaining equipment and upgrading software.
  • Audio recordings have instances of incomplete, inaudible and unintelligible recordings. 

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Remote Counsel

Remote Counsel Court Reporters

Remote Counsel Court Reporters

Remote Counsel is a powerful all-in-one platform with the added benefits of  world class services and training

Featured on the Remote Counsel webpage you will find the user friendly free videoconferencing room locator. There are two ways to search. You may enter the city, state or Zip in to the search bar then adjust the range of distance within 10-100 miles. Then there is also the option to browse their database. This is also where you can reserve and book the room of your choice. You can also check the video feeds of any one of their certified videoconference rooms from their website.

Here is a short list of  what they offer:

 Live video steaming and text from any device.

Security- All connections are encrypted and guaranteed secure.

Availability- View or participate in any deposition live from anyplace in the world.

Scheduling– Easy access to the online scheduling service found on their website seven days a week and 24 hours a day. You can also call the number provided and speak with a concierge scheduling team member to schedule and coordinate your events for you. They will also include end user testing and event day monitoring.

Case Management– Manage all depositions for your case and get notification when the court reporter connects and disconnects.

Simple setup– From any CAT Software court reporters can stream. It is built into the most popular CAT software, CaseCatalyst and you are two steps away from complete setup.

Text– Stay up to speed with Remote Realtime, while working  in your browser using search and annotation.  Compatible with all software you can output to any text viewer software live, such as LiveNote, Summation or Trial Director.

Exemplary support – The platform they have made is backed with premier support and top-notch customer care by trained technicians available throughout the day whenever they are needed.

You can find the full list of features visit If you are looking for the very best in Phoenix court reporters, then look no further than Phoenix Deposition Services.