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Video Deposition Tactics

These Are A Few Video Deposition Tactics

This blog will introduce a few video deposition tactics we have seen used in court or other legal proceedings.

1. Impeaching a Witness 

Impeaching a witness during a trial is a game changer. Attorneys can take advantage of this powerful technology to turn the tables in their case. By comparing the answers from a statement made during a video deposition to the statements made in court, you are more likely to catch the witness in a lie or notice any inconsistencies in their testimony.

2. Getting Clients Prepared for Trial

In the preparation for trial comes the responsibility of assessing whether or not to use a witness or if their testimony will be beneficial to your case. Video depositions are a valuable tool when used to view the actions and attitude of the deponent. Will they be nervous or difficult to crack? The more you work with clients beforehand the more they will understand about the video deposition process. Therefore it is imperative you take the time to work with them.

3. Viewing of Physical Evidence 

Let’s say that the witness is asked to hold or handle a particular piece of evidence at a deposition. The benefit of video is that the judge, as well as the jury, can view it for themselves instead of hearing what is happening from a paper transcript being read out loud. The visual component is an excellent source of information and powerful tool many attorneys use every day when making preparations for trial.

4. One at a Time Please

Be sure to only take one person’s statement at a time. This means less confusion and fewer people trying to talk at one time. There will also be less noise and fewer disruptions. The number one thing you can do to throw off the flow of an attorneys line of questioning is interrupting to clarify who is saying what for the record.

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Avoid Disaster

How To Avoid Disaster During A Deposition

How to avoid disaster during a deposition is the topic of this week’s article and it is intended to help the less experienced witnesses, attorneys and court reporters in the legal field.


Speak Loud Enough for Everyone to Hear You Clearly 

As a court reporter, we are often lost in the background or forgotten about, so it is not uncommon for a witness or attorney to speak where they can be heard clearly by the court reporter. Speak up and remember that no matter how clever your questions are they will, in fact, end up as “inaudible” in the transcript. Court reporters are at times reluctant to interrupt the proceedings to ask an attorney or a witness to increase the volume of their voice more than once. The last thing a court reporter wants is to interrupt an attorney’s train of thought; however, it is our job above all to preserve the record, so remember, if you want it in the record, speak clearly and speak loud enough for everyone to hear you.


If asked to read don’t speed

When put on the spot and asked to read from a specific written document, sometimes people can end up flying through it and mumbling or jamming their words together. Our advice is to take a breath and enunciate when reading a written document. Another way to assist your court reporter is to provide a copy of any written documents that someone will read out loud so they can later check their notes in comparison.


Try to Remember Shop Talk Can be Difficult to Transcribe

I think every profession may have their own personal words and lingo for special terms specific to their field, but court reporters are not aware of all terms used by expert witnesses or attorneys in large or complicated medical malpractice cases and can get thrown off because of this.



Put It On Paper 

Many things are lost when transitioning to paper, like body language or gestures that cannot be recorded unless doing a video deposition.  Using a phrase like “let the record show” allows clarification of gestures made. The NCRA’s brochure Making The Record suggest this will “ensure a clean record.”

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Successful Deposition

Tips For A Successful Deposition

A successful deposition has many important contributing factors. This article is intended to inform our audience of a few tips to get you started on your path to victory.

1. Honesty is the best policy

It’s a no-brainer that lying when under oath is the quickest way to destroy your case.  Even exaggerating, downplaying or guessing can be a huge threat to your side winning the day.  A skilled attorney can weave around the truth but a lie can destroy your credibility on every aspect of your case.  Even if you are nervous or are having trouble recalling the answer to a question, tell the truth!

2. Be polite and respectful

A successful deposition can be a useful tool when gauging what kind of a witness you are going to have on the stand. Attorneys often read what kind of a witness the jury will see you as at this time. Be aware that if you are defensive and anger easily, the jury is not likely to side in your favor nor take you at your word when testifying. Being kind, honest and polite goes a long way in your favor, so remember, the more they like you, the better chance you will have a favorable outcome.

3. Think before you speak

Being recorded and asked questions under oath can bring about a serious case of nerves.  Don’t answer any questions if you are not sure of the answer and don’t answer questions you are not qualified to answer. These tactics are used to weaken the credibility of a witness. If they can get you stumbling on your words or upset, the less likely you will appear to be telling the truth. There are many psychological elements at play during a deposition, so anything you are not well versed on, go over again with your attorney. Remember, the more prepared you are the less likely they are to successfully discredit your testimony.

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Life Hacks

6 Life Hacks Attorneys Can Use

6 Life Hacks Attorneys Can Use

6 life hacks attorneys can use are useful tips and tricks to improve the efficiency of daily tasks at work. We know the busy day in the life of attorneys can be stressful and daunting, so we came up with this blog to  help lighten the load and save a little time.

1.  Take advantage of  Google Voice to be your electronic receptionist.

Google Voice is a free Internet-based calling service. It is a wonderful supplement to your existing landline or mobile phone. One of the most popular features is being able to give out one number to clients that will ring to all of your phones (work, home and mobile), or none at all, depending on when you set your time of availability. This  makes it much easier to quickly return calls to prospective new clients or anyone that needs to contact you that requires speedy response. Google Voice has several other useful features, like an online voicemail account that sends transcriptions of voice messages to your Gmail account, conference calling, free SMS to email messages and so much more.

 2.  Set your clocks everywhere 10 minutes fast.

This one is a common sense, no-brainer we really don’t have to elaborate on. Get up early, out the door early, arrive early and you just may find time to catch your breath somewhere in the day.

3.  Adequate case management software., for example, offers numerous benefits that will drastically increase your productivity. Included in its features are, case-to-case scrolling, easy collaboration with colleagues, fast case opening, quick tracking of case progress and much more.

4.  Upload important documents to your cloud storage.

Whether you use Google Drive or Apple’s iCloud, having your passport size photos, birth certificates, and signatures in one place makes it easy to access anyplace, any time.

5. Tackle your most challenging task at the beginning of your day. 

At the beginning of the day we are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with but by the end of the day you don’t want or need any extra energy-draining challenges.

6. Take some time to yourself to do something you want to do

Like read 6 life hacks for attorneys, a little yoga or meditation even, the point being, do something that you want to do, not just what is required of you in the day.


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Court Reporters

Digital Recorders Or Court Reporters?

Digital recorders or Court Reporters 

Digital recorders have been a very controversial topic in the legal community. Our blog this week will go over a few reasons why hiring a court reporter is the right choice for an accurate transcript.

How are court reporters superior to the use of digital recording devices?

  • Court reporters capture only the words that are spoken and relevant to the specific proceedings, whereas digital recorders often record everything, including the noise from shuffling papers, various audible interference and private conversations between attorney and client.
  • Court reporters can  stop the proceedings for clarification and read back when necessary.
  • Court reporters can easily read back requested testimony in a matter of seconds, whereas audio recordings all depend on the operator’s ability to properly annotate the proceedings.  In addition, many attorneys and judges prefer not to listen to the entire length of the recording.
  • Court reporters working in realtime  allow for annotations. In addition, the words  appear on the users’ screens seconds after they are spoken.
  • Court reporters are professionals, specially trained and state licensed
  • Court reporters personally purchase and maintain all required equipment and software.
  • Audio recordings do not allow judges or attorneys to do research during a proceeding; however ,when using realtime they can annotate during the proceedings as well as  organize their marked testimony. The court reporter will also be using software that will make it possible to cut and paste.  The court reporter’s notes can be put on a screen or printed out in a report.
  • Audio recordings still require transcription in most cases. 
  • Audio Recordings have upfront costs for equipment acquisition.
  • Audio recordings  require ongoing costs to the court for purchasing and maintaining equipment and upgrading software.
  • Audio recordings have instances of incomplete, inaudible and unintelligible recordings. 

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Remote Counsel

Remote Counsel Court Reporters

Remote Counsel Court Reporters

Remote Counsel is a powerful all-in-one platform with the added benefits of  world class services and training

Featured on the Remote Counsel webpage you will find the user friendly free videoconferencing room locator. There are two ways to search. You may enter the city, state or Zip in to the search bar then adjust the range of distance within 10-100 miles. Then there is also the option to browse their database. This is also where you can reserve and book the room of your choice. You can also check the video feeds of any one of their certified videoconference rooms from their website.

Here is a short list of  what they offer:

 Live video steaming and text from any device.

Security- All connections are encrypted and guaranteed secure.

Availability- View or participate in any deposition live from anyplace in the world.

Scheduling– Easy access to the online scheduling service found on their website seven days a week and 24 hours a day. You can also call the number provided and speak with a concierge scheduling team member to schedule and coordinate your events for you. They will also include end user testing and event day monitoring.

Case Management– Manage all depositions for your case and get notification when the court reporter connects and disconnects.

Simple setup– From any CAT Software court reporters can stream. It is built into the most popular CAT software, CaseCatalyst and you are two steps away from complete setup.

Text– Stay up to speed with Remote Realtime, while working  in your browser using search and annotation.  Compatible with all software you can output to any text viewer software live, such as LiveNote, Summation or Trial Director.

Exemplary support – The platform they have made is backed with premier support and top-notch customer care by trained technicians available throughout the day whenever they are needed.

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LiveLitigation for Attorneys

LiveLitigation for Attorneys

LiveLitigation is a multi-platform, web-based litigation solution. It is a revolutionary tool used by attorneys to prepare for and attend depositions, arbitrations, trials and meditations. Attending attorneys can be there either remotely or in person, which brings a new level of flexibility to attorneys on the go. LiveLitigation is the only true universal product on the market that works on any Mac, PC, iPad, Android-enabled smartphone and tablet, and the Kindle Fire. Attorneys find that there is no need for multiple software vendors using this innovative tool.

LiveLitigation is a company. Since 2003, has been a provider of 100% browser-based web & video conferencing solutions, complete with real time audio and video capabilities. Being browser based and working on all major operating systems, Windows, Mac & Linux, provides universal access without the need to download, install or configure software. web conferencing products and services include powerful collaboration tools that accommodate robust video & web conferences, including advanced features, such as desktop/application sharing, i.e. Word and Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations, without the need to upload any files. MegaMeeting is ideal for multi-location web-based meetings, virtual classrooms, employee trainings, product demonstrations, company orientation, customer support, product launches and much more.

These are a few of the the features they also bring to the table.


LiveLitigation Provides Live Video Feeds

Broadcast witness video into the online litigation room using any standard web camera. No bulky external components are required.

Streaming Text Feed

Realtime data is fed directly into the online litigation room by connecting the court reporters CAT software to the RemoteRealtime product through their StenoDirectPlus software.

Audio Broadcasting

Transmit live audio using built-in VoIP or Toll-free Conferencing.

Secure Private Group Chat

Members within a group can privately chat with each other without anyone else seeing the text.

Secure Deposition Key

Each attendee is assigned a 12 digit key that they must use when using LiveLitigation for an online litigation event. This key cannot be forwarded or shared with anyone.

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Phoenix Court Reporters

Phoenix Court Reporters

Phoenix court reporters are a far different breed than your average court reporters. At Phoenix Deposition Services you will never have to question the quality of our work. Some attorneys may find themselves wondering if the court reporting firm they have used previously will continue with the same standard of quality they are expecting.  They send less experienced court reporters as time goes on and as the relationship matures. Our Phoenix court reporters will never lower our expectations to continue producing the same top-notch, meticulous work we deliver on a daily basis.  Our turnaround time not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients  and we take great pride in that.

When you  travel to Phoenix we extend the use of our conference rooms at no cost. They are conveniently located just minutes away from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport; however, we have options available that save not only time but money as well eliminating the need for costly travel, such as video conferencing and video depositions. We only work with the very best and highly regarded within their craft. Our videographers have state-of-the-art equipment and the experience with technology to ensure flawlessly crisp  videos every time.

We also specialize in medical malpractice. It requires years of experience to achieve the necessary skills  to transcribe verbatim testimony from healthcare professionals . To understand and accurately translate abbreviations and medical jargon into a meticulous transcript is not an easily earned achievement. The importance of exactness in your medical malpractice case is our top priority. You can trust in our court reporters to produce an impressive deposition with correct medical terminology and the efficiency necessary  for your case. We will meet our deadlines and have transcripts when you need them.

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Zoom Video Conferncing For Court Reporters in Phoenix AZ

Court Reporters Using Zoom

Court Reporters Using Zoom

Court reporters using Zoom video conferencing software create a visual record of the deposition testimony beyond typical written transcripts. They are often the key point of change in trial or settlement of a case. That is why I recommend Zoom for  court reporters.

Court reporters using Zoom tips.

Keep your mic on if you plan to speak.

 Don’t take your mic off when you finish your line of questioning. If you do, the court reporter and videographer may not accurately capture your comments, objections or questions.

Cover your mic if you don’t want to be recorded
Videographers using Zoom make every attempt to not record sidebar conversations, but the safest bet is cover your mic when saying something that you don’t want to be included in the record.

Check out your videographer’s video framing
Before the deposition actually starts, ask your videographer to show how he or she framed the witness. If you don’t like something about the shot, ask your videographer to alter the framing before starting the deposition.

Ensure that only one person speaks at a time

Just as it is hard for a court reporter to capture everything correctly when multiple participants speak at once, videos can also become confusing when there are many voices speaking at the same time. Another reason to take turns speaking is to get your video deposition back sooner. Videos will take longer to edit if multiple people are speaking over each other.

Video depositions present the opportunity for attorneys to better convey witness testimony in either trial or settlement settings. For more tips on conducting depositions, check out our previous blog post on witness preparation tips.

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