Video Conferencing Solutions for Your Legal Team

Video conferencing allows every member of your legal team to cover meetings and proceedings remotely, whether from home or an office. There’s a suite of technologies available to support such meetings without eliminating the same human impact that face-to-face depositions and collaborations allow.

Secure and Reliable Video Conferencing

Phoenix Deposition Services resolves conflicting schedules with video conferencing services. Our video conference court reporters in Phoenix enjoy a full suite of video equipment for their work, and it’s available for our clients who need to get in touch with witnesses and other attorneys. Our broadcast-caliber conferencing capabilities will make you feel that the conversation is happening right in front of you.

As providers of deposition services with 30 years of experience and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we offer extensive capabilities. Using Skype and real-time applications like CaseViewNet, anyone in your legal team can attend and participate in a deposition or meeting anytime, anywhere.

When the logistics of your case meetings don’t permit sessions on the same day, video conferencing will allow you to meet halfway. Once you get in our office in Phoenix, you can contact any witness or any party relevant to your case in the country. Our video conferencing equipment is ready for use all the time, and with our high-speed Internet and free Wi-Fi, we assure you don’t have to deal with technical obstacles throughout your meeting or deposition.

Whether it’s deposing a witness in another state or meeting with clients in multiple locations, video conferencing bridges problematic traveling situations with high-quality communication.

Nationwide Conferencing for a Speedy Deposition

Video conferencing offers a simple solution to multi-location depositions. Parties outside the state or country can still contribute to the proceeding from any location. We make it easy for the members of your team to access the facilities in our network. Not only that, we’ll set up the video conference for you from start to finish. We also offer complimentary services and technical support to make sure your conference goes as planned.

Our founder, Mark J. Miller, and experienced Phoenix video conference court reporters combine traditional reporting skills and advanced technology to speed up and improve how you gather and share courtroom information among your legal team and involved parties.

Eliminate the burden of traveling to meet with clients, attorneys, and partners by turning to innovative solutions. Turn to Phoenix Deposition Services for our high-end broadcast quality-producing video equipment and experienced court reporters.

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