2 Technologies For Depositions

2 Technologies for Depositions

These days you could hardly recognize depositions today when compared to the techniques and technologies previously used by attorneys and court reporters. Due to the continued evolution of these technologies court reporting has become more efficient and collaboration between court reporters and attorneys infinitely improved.

The level of professional services provided has been greatly enhanced due to the use of these tools court reporting firms now have at their disposal to offer hiring attorneys.

Video Technology

Cameras have quite often been used in the past to record depositions and that is no secret, however, the advances that have been made to the software as far as video depositions are concerned, have become a huge advantage to attorneys who have utilized these products. Camera technology has advanced greatly in the last 5 years, with High Definition sound and video every mannerism and emotion being captured on video for further analysis by attorneys, judges, and juries. Paired with comparable advancements in the video editing software, unwanted distractions such as background noise may be removed, or the clarity of speech may be improved. Editing software allows for electronic exhibits to be integrated with the flow of testimony permitting answers to be placed in their proper context.

Electronic  Exhibits

In recent years a greater number of legal entities have begun to approve and adopt the use of electronic means for exhibit submission. Printed copies of your materials require a great deal of time to reproduce and represent a considerable expense that can often be abated. They also require greater amounts of space for storage, transportation and presentation. Digital exhibition software allows for attorneys to replace the binders and boxes with more compact and secure devices. These electronic files are easily distributed to the court reporter, opposing counsel and other parties involved. This greatly reduces the risks of potential document loss, damage or mishandling.