Hearings and Arbitrations in Phoenix, AZ

Hearings and Arbitrations Court Reporting Services

Within many civil cases or other court proceedings, numerous different hearings or similar proceedings will be held. During these, the presence of a quality court reporter to provide a written transcript is enormously valuable – and we’re here to provide these services and more at Phoenix Deposition Services.

From arbitration hearings to many other types, we’ve spent years assisting legal practices, attorneys, clients, and others with all their court reporter needs within hearing settings. We’ve handled a wide variety of hearing types at both the federal and state level, ensuring all parties have access to the detailed, accurate hearing information they need to help resolve arbitrations or otherwise advance cases. Contact our team to learn more about our hearings and arbitrations services.

Hearing Basics

In many ways, court hearings are similar to what you can expect during a court trial. They’re held publicly and will involve both legal parties making their arguments regarding the case.

However, there are also significant differences. For starters, not all hearings are necessarily in front of a judge – they may be, but they also may come before examiners, lawmakers, and other authorities depending on the specific case. In addition, while those who have been to trial are well aware of the fairly strict procedural and evidence standards, such standards tend to be significantly more relaxed for most hearings.

Hearing Types

Generally speaking, there are three types of court hearing to consider:

  1. Judicial: Meant to discuss a specific issue regarding a given legal proceeding and its current stage.
  2. Administrative: Hearings covering rules creation in several different areas, plus adjudication of individual cases.
  3. Legislative: Possible at both state and federal levels, these are hearings to engage in fact-finding and canvass public opinion. They can be broad and wide-ranging, containing issues in fields such as law, government, public policy, and overall society at large.

Our court reporters are happy to assist with each of these types, ensuring quality records and transcripts are present for any case.

Arbitration Services

One type of hearing is arbitration, which is used to create a settlement between two parties in a case rather than the case making it all the way to trial. Arbitration must be agreed upon by both parties in a case and may involve several detailed steps to arrive at this settlement.

For such hearings, a quality court reporter is a major benefit. A strong, detailed record of the arbitration will prevent any future litigation that arrives from misunderstandings about what was said or agreed upon, allowing both parties a verbatim accounting of the events. It allows any client who feels their rights were violated during arbitration to appeal a decision with proper evidence, plus supports basic transcript and agreement reviews for attorneys.

For more on the benefits of court reporters for various hearings and arbitration needs, or to learn about any of our court reporting or video deposition services, speak to the staff at Phoenix Deposition Services today.