Video Depositions

Videography Services for Depositions and Trials

A video is now critical to a trial, especially when some parties are unable to attend a deposition or proceeding. A video recording of a deposition or witness testimony lends a visual aspect to your case without eliminating the same impact a physical appearance allows. Video testimonies allow the judge, jury, and other parties involved to see the demeanor, inflection, and body language of a deponent.

We can help you add the power and convenience of a video testimony to your case.

Phoenix Deposition Services provides affordable video deposition services, with experienced video court reporters in Phoenix and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our decades of experience and advanced equipment also allow us to provide video synchronization, letting you discover key information in a deponent’s testimony without having to take down notes.

Capturing the Jury’s Attention with Video

Written testimony can convey a lot of critical witness details, but you can amplify its effect with video. It can hold a jury’s attention longer and highlight minute aspects of the testimony, including the witness’s body language, demeanor, inflection, and intonation.

Our affordable video deposition services include technical support and related services, as well as a polished transcript of the recording. This gives you the ability to search a transcript for keywords easily, so you can jump to certain parts of the testimony and make notes or annotations. You can time-stamp the transcript, and we can synchronize it with the video. This way, you can view both the video and the transcript or show it to members of your team.

Full Video Deposition Preparation

A professional videographer will be at the site an hour before you arrive to prepare the recording equipment. We will set up lighting and background, as well as optimize the sound and acoustics in the area. There are also individual microphones for each participant for complete video and audio capture.

Our video deposition services are compliant with federal and state civil procedure. Furthermore, we will archive the digital master tape for up to 10 years. In case you need the video testimony at any period within the next decade, we can supply you with a full copy.

Upon request, we can also shoot and deliver the video deposition in several formats.

Call or fax us your details on our toll-free number today and move forward with your case.

Video Depositions

  • Are extremely useful for any deponent that may not be available for trial
  • Professional videographer on-site an hour before you arrive
  • Video depositions that are in compliance with Federal and State Civil Procedure
  • Digital master tape archived for 10 years
  • Excellent lighting, background, and optimized sound & acoustics
  • Individual microphones for each participant
  • Video that can be shot and delivered in multiple formats


We provide a comfortable and professional atmosphere for you to conduct your business with clients, other attorneys and witnesses without having to take on the burden, hassle and expense that comes with traveling. There are many reasons to choose our affordable services over webcam conferencing such as:

  • High-end equipment produces broadcast quality images.
  • Multiple people can participate with split-screen options.
  • Documents and exhibits can be viewed full screen by each party.
  • You'll have full use of one of our conference rooms, which holds up to 16 people.
  • You're provided with complimentary snacks and beverages during your conference.
  • Much less likely to freeze or face interruptions with our high speed internet and free wi-fi.

Make the most of these high-tech solutions with our court reporting services today!