Video Deposition Service in Phoenix, AZ

Show viewers your level of preparation and professionalism with our state-of-the-art video deposition services. When reading testimony from a paper transcript, valuable context can be misunderstood or lost in translation.

Human communication is composed of more than just words. A lot of information is relayed in body language, demeanor, inflection, and intonation. A visual aspect can add a lot to a deposition. Keep the attention of your audience and direct the focus of the group to our high-def, broadcast-quality video depositions.


Synchronized Transcripts from Professional Video Court Reporters

Phoenix Deposition Services gives you the ability to search a synchronized transcript by keyword so you can find exactly what you are looking for quickly.

Our qualified video court reporters take your time-stamped transcript and sync it up with its corresponding deposition. We put it on disc for you so you can show both video and the transcript at the same time and find what you’re looking for quickly.

Video Deposition Features:

  • Extremely useful for any deponent that may not be available for trial
  • Professional video court reporter on-site an hour before you arrive
  • Compliant with Federal and State Civil Procedure
  • Digital master tape archived for 10 years
  • Excellent lighting, background, and optimized sound & acoustics
  • Individual microphones for each participant
  • Video that can be shot and delivered in multiple formats

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between video conferencing and a video deposition?

Video conferencing allows the attorney to avoid costly time and pesky travel expenses by simply opening their laptop or mobile device and connecting to the program that is hosting the meeting. Then they will be connected with the deponent and all other parties involved in the deposition.
With a videotaped deposition, a professional, certified videographer will set up their equipment one hour before the start of the deposition, providing you a videotape of the proceedings. This can be synched with the transcribed words from the court reporter. The words will now appear as captions below the witness on the final tape.

Will there be difficult software downloads?

No. Video depositions are performed live with a videographer present in the room. The deposition is recorded and can be viewed at a later time. For live video court reporting using ZOOM, see our video conferencing page.

What are the benefits of having a video deposition instead of a traditional or general deposition?

The videotaped deposition provides highly accurate predictability and insight as to how a witness will behave and respond during their testimony at the upcoming trial.

What kind of equipment is used during a video deposition?

Our videographers use 3-chip digital cameras with time/date, providing lavaliere microphones to all participating parties, using professional backdrops and lighting and recording audio.