Online Repository Service in Phoenix, AZ

The word “repository” refers to any place or receptacle where items or documents are stored, and there are few professions where such storage is more important than in the legal field. Attorneys have numerous needs for quality data storage, particularly when it comes to deposition transcripts, case documents, and related items.

At Phoenix Deposition Services, we’re here to help. We’re proud to offer a high-quality online repository service that simply and easily stores all your documents, exhibits, and transcripts, allowing you to access past documents with ease. Documents can be viewed, downloaded, or printed as needed, all with high-quality security themes that keep your information protected. Call us today to learn more about our online repository.

Importance of a Quality Repository

As we noted above, attorneys require detailed and reliable document storage services to do their jobs well. Many cases are extremely complex and involve significant amounts of litigation and resulting paperwork, from depositions to actual trial settings and more.

If an attorney is unable to access important files or information during a vital period of a given case, the damage here can be significant. If this sort of thing happens regularly due to a lack of proper storage, an attorney’s entire practice could suffer. This is why it’s vital to work with a team that provides a dedicated online repository for document storage and retrieval.

Simple Storage and Retrieval

And at Phoenix Deposition Services, that’s what we do. Our online repository system is accessible from anywhere and on a variety of devices, allowing you to access your information as necessary. We use the latest in storage software to ensure simple organization and search capability within your repository files.

In addition, we offer the capability to view your upcoming deposition calendar through our online portal while accessing files. We even provide an after-hours helpline – we know many attorneys burn the midnight oil, and we want to be present to assist with any needs you may have even outside typical business hours.

Our services allow for not only proper organization, but also significant time savings.

Secure System

Security is an understandable concern with online data storage, but you can rest easy when you work with our team and online repository. We use a secure and fully encrypted connection to our private server, which allows you to then re-access documents or files easily and do what you need to with them. All client data is completely protected and private at all times, with access limited only to those with proper credentials (typically just the attorney and perhaps a staff member or two).

For more on our online repository for documents, deposition records and other legal files, speak to the staff at Phoenix Deposition Services today. Call us at 888-474-9337.

Online Repository Service FAQs

What is an online repository and how does it benefit clients?

An online repository is a type of secure online document storage that can be accessed 24/7/365 by our clients.

What can be stored and how will they be stored with the online repository?

Once in the system, our clients can upload images, videos, exhibits, pdf documents, or any other file type. They can access exhibits and access copies of their transcripts along with many other file types big and small.

Everything is safely encrypted through our secure server and saved within the repository for up to 10 years.

Will there be a charge for the online repository?

Absolutely not. Just like our complimentary deposition suites, the online repository is a helpful tool we are honored to provide at no cost.

As always at Phoenix Deposition Services, if there is any way we can better serve our clients, give us a call or send us an email anytime.