Realtime Court Reporters

Real-Time Technologies and Court Reporting

Phoenix Deposition Services combines technology and traditional court reporting skills to give your legal team immediate access to the testimony being given in a deposition or court proceeding.

Real-time court reporting enables you to attend a proceeding from a remote location or the convenience of your home or office. More importantly, it allows you to concentrate on the testimony without the need to take notes, and to focus on making a winning case.

Transcripts and Depositions at Your Fingertips

A real-time, accurate feed of the deposition or trial benefits lawyers in a number of ways. Real-time technologies ensure accurate and fast court reporting and litigation support.

The out-of-state members of your legal team can view a real-time streaming or audio recording of the deposition, as well as view transcripts and live text feed via PC or any portable device. We can also arrange a video conferencing and private chat session among your litigation team to allow collaboration right when you need it.

Our court reporters can also provide you with a clean and accurate real-time transcript of depositions. You’ll have the electronic document or video ready for your viewing before you even get to the trial or deposition. Using robust software, you can review transcripts and exhibits, and create instant reports with annotations and highlights.

Certified Real-time Court Reporters in Phoenix

While there’s a suite of tools that offer real-time court reporting capabilities, the skills of a court reporter are still the most valuable tool to have in a deposition or trial. Our Phoenix court reporters will facilitate the viewing and prepare the tools for you, from start to finish.

Our job is to make it easy for your team to communicate, collaborate, and gather information about the case so you can focus on what you do best. Whether you’re attending the deposition on-site or remotely, you can count on our court reporters to help you every step of the way.

Phoenix Deposition Services is the expert in real-time technology and court reporting.

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