Construction Defect Depositions in Phoenix, AZ

All detailed litigation cases will require strong court reporting services, and cases such as construction defect suits are a perfect example. At Phoenix Deposition Services, we’re proud to offer detailed and expert construction defect court reporter services, assisting attorneys and their clients with vital documentation ranging from real-time court reporting to video depositions, an online repository service, and much more.

Involved in a case where design or material deficiencies have impacted a structure in negative ways? We’re here to help. What about issues during the actual construction process, or those found in the soil or foundation of the property? We’ve documented numerous such cases as well. Contact our team to learn more about what we’ll do for you.

Common Construction Defects Handled

Generally speaking, courts will classify construction defects into four specific categories, each of which we’re happy to document and report diligently:

  • Design deficiencies: Issues that trace back to designers or engineers in most cases, and result in systems that do not work as specified. Examples include many code violations, such as improper roofing that leads to leakage or improper structural support.
  • Material deficiencies: Use of inferior building materials for a construction project, which will again be the fault of the manufacturer.
  • Construction deficiencies: A broad category that includes numerous areas, from structural integrity to areas like mechanical, electrical, thermal, and several other areas. Moisture protection, doors, windows, and various glass areas will all fall under this category as well.
  • Subsurface deficiencies: Many structures will be built on hills or other areas with unstable foundations, a process that requires soil compaction and proper drainage preparation. If these areas are not handled properly, the property will experience issues like settling, shifting, flooding, and perhaps even landslides, defects that are often brought to legal suits.

Detailed Cases

Construction defect cases are both complex and hugely impactful in many cases. They’re often brought to litigate extremely high-value issues, for one, plus can be complicated to manage due to the various types of defects out there and the fact that many forms of damage go unnoticed for weeks, months, or even years in some cases.

This is why it’s important for clients to seek legal assistance, including quality court reporters who will ensure every detail of the case is documented and recorded.

Construction Defect Reporting Solutions

And at Phoenix Deposition Services, that’s what we’re here to offer. Our court reporters are trained with specific knowledge of construction defect terminology in advance of any deposition, ensuring there are no delays or missing information based on required clarifications or confusion. In addition, we offer detailed connectivity services, ranging from video depositions to interpreter solutions, and much more.

For more on any of our construction defect court reporters, speak to the staff at Phoenix Deposition Services today.