Medical Malpractice Specialists

At Phoenix Deposition Services we offer expert medical deposition services that are fairly priced.

The importance of exactness in your medical malpractice case goes without saying. You can count on our court reporters to produce a deposition with correct medical terminology and the needed efficiency for your case.

Experienced medical depositions you can trust

Our technical medical malpractice court reporters have developed command of medical terminology in numerous medical disciplines. We are ready to deliver your deposition with ultimate speed and accuracy.

Convenient and quick delivery

We invite you to come to our office, which is just 10 minutes from Sky Harbor International Airport if you’re coming from out of town. We provide complimentary conference rooms for your convenience.
You don’t have to travel to take advantage of our technical court reporters. We provide Skype, video conferencing, and realtime reporting, so you can have instant access to a deposition.

Trust your medical malpractice depositions to our expertise. Call us at 888-474-9337.