Tips For A Successful Deposition

A successful deposition has many important contributing factors. This article is intended to inform our audience of a few tips to get you started on your path to victory.

1. Honesty is the best policy

It’s a no-brainer that lying when under oath is the quickest way to destroy your case.  Even exaggerating, downplaying or guessing can be a huge threat to your side winning the day.  A skilled attorney can weave around the truth but a lie can destroy your credibility on every aspect of your case.  Even if you are nervous or are having trouble recalling the answer to a question, tell the truth!

2. Be polite and respectful

A successful deposition can be a useful tool when gauging what kind of a witness you are going to have on the stand. Attorneys often read what kind of a witness the jury will see you as at this time. Be aware that if you are defensive and anger easily, the jury is not likely to side in your favor nor take you at your word when testifying. Being kind, honest and polite goes a long way in your favor, so remember, the more they like you, the better chance you will have a favorable outcome.

3. Think before you speak

Being recorded and asked questions under oath can bring about a serious case of nerves.  Don’t answer any questions if you are not sure of the answer and don’t answer questions you are not qualified to answer. These tactics are used to weaken the credibility of a witness. If they can get you stumbling on your words or upset, the less likely you will appear to be telling the truth. There are many psychological elements at play during a deposition, so anything you are not well versed on, go over again with your attorney. Remember, the more prepared you are the less likely they are to successfully discredit your testimony.

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