Why Court Reporters are Needed

Why Court Reporters Are Needed

At Phoenix Deposition Services, we’re your top source for certified court reporting in and around Phoenix. We help take advantage of all technology available to improve accuracy and speed in our court reporting services.

Why is a court reporter present in the courtroom so important anyway? There are a few important reasons, including a couple you may not have considered beyond their basic job description. Let’s take a look at what makes court reporters vital for a courtroom.


The primary role of a court reporter is to create a transcript of the proceedings in the courtroom. Our reporters get training in law, courtroom manner, terminology, and many other areas. They are also trained heavily on a stenotype machine and other technology to ensure they can record speech at 225 words per minute or faster.

This transcript has several important uses. First, it becomes the official record of the trial filed with the court clerk. In addition, it may be referred back to within the court throughout the case and attorneys may request copies as the case wears on. Transcripts become hugely important in appeals cases, where an accurate record of previous cases is paramount.

Presence and Awareness

The transcript alone is very important, but the presence of a court reporter has additional effects also. When reporters are present, everyone in the courtroom becomes more conscious of the things they say, knowing that these words will end up on an official evidence record. Court reporters play an active role in the courtroom, including speaking up if they can’t hear a word or reminding witnesses to use words rather than gestures or motions. They also will read back a section of what’s been reported if needed.

Replacement Tech? Not so Fast

Some courtrooms have attempted to replace court reporters with automated equipment to cut costs. While we absolutely utilize the best technology available to make court reporting more accurate and precise, full automation here has had several issues:

  • Audio volume: People in the courtroom don’t always speak loudly enough. This causes automated recording equipment to miss words that are too soft or covered by other sounds.
  • Initial expenses: Expenses are generally far larger than perceived budgets for these advances – hiring court reporters is just more economical.
  • A written transcript must still be provided, and transcribing from audio produces far less accurate results while also costing more.

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