Deposition Technologies of Today

Deposition Technologies of Today

This blog is about the deposition technologies of today. Over the last five years, deposition strategies and technologies have rapidly evolved. The development of newer and more efficient methods of reporting has made it universally more beneficial for not only court reporters but attorneys as well. Those that have adopted the newer techniques have saved time, expense and gained a valuable advantage in the preparedness of their case.

We can now offer enhanced tools we highly recommend attorneys take advantage of during the deposition process. Incorporating these newer and more advanced technologies, we greatly reduced the risk of error through miscommunication or misunderstanding during a witness’ testimony. These methods have consistently provided a smoother deposition process and have created a clearly marked advantage by moving attorneys closer to settlement or trial.

Remote Deposition Technologies

Remote deposition technology has taken a huge leap forward in the last five years.  It has also had one of the greatest impacts on attorneys by saving crucial time and the expense of travel, not to mention, effectively expediting the entire deposition process. Remote depositions allow witnesses to be deposed from anywhere in the world which adds to productivity as well as convenience. Very few things are required for participating remotely for deponent and an attorney: high-speed internet connection, laptop or tablet with an HD camera and microphone and a quiet place to conduct business.

Electronic Exhibits

Printed copies of your materials require costly amounts of time to reproduce and greater expense. They also require space for storage, then they must be transported and presented. Digital exhibition software allows for attorneys to replace the binders and boxes with more compact and secure devices. These electronic files are easily distributed to the court reporter, opposing counsel and other parties involved. This greatly reduces the risks of potential document loss, damage or mishandling.

Going digital greatly reduces document preparation and anyone granted access to these secured documents can access them from anywhere there is a device connected to the internet. These features facilitate smoother communication and expedited collaboration between attorneys, witnesses and the courts without sacrificing the security of your documents.

These are just a couple of the great innovations we have at our disposal today. Phoenix Deposition Services is dedicated to staying up with the times and abreast of the latest technologies. Schedule your next deposition with us using our easy online scheduling page.