LiveLitigation for Attorneys

LiveLitigation is a multi-platform, web-based litigation solution. It is a revolutionary tool used by attorneys to prepare for and attend depositions, arbitrations, trials and meditations. Attending attorneys can be there either remotely or in person, which brings a new level of flexibility to attorneys on the go. LiveLitigation is the only true universal product on the market that works on any Mac, PC, iPad, Android-enabled smartphone and tablet, and the Kindle Fire. Attorneys find that there is no need for multiple software vendors using this innovative tool.

LiveLitigation is a company. Since 2003, has been a provider of 100% browser-based web & video conferencing solutions, complete with real time audio and video capabilities. Being browser based and working on all major operating systems, Windows, Mac & Linux, provides universal access without the need to download, install or configure software. web conferencing products and services include powerful collaboration tools that accommodate robust video & web conferences, including advanced features, such as desktop/application sharing, i.e. Word and Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations, without the need to upload any files. MegaMeeting is ideal for multi-location web-based meetings, virtual classrooms, employee trainings, product demonstrations, company orientation, customer support, product launches and much more.

These are a few of the the features they also bring to the table.


LiveLitigation Provides Live Video Feeds

Broadcast witness video into the online litigation room using any standard web camera. No bulky external components are required.

Streaming Text Feed

Realtime data is fed directly into the online litigation room by connecting the court reporters CAT software to the RemoteRealtime product through their StenoDirectPlus software.

Audio Broadcasting

Transmit live audio using built-in VoIP or Toll-free Conferencing.

Secure Private Group Chat

Members within a group can privately chat with each other without anyone else seeing the text.

Secure Deposition Key

Each attendee is assigned a 12 digit key that they must use when using LiveLitigation for an online litigation event. This key cannot be forwarded or shared with anyone.

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