What To Look For In A Court Reporting Firm

What to look for in a court reporting firm is the topic of this week’s blog.  When hiring attorneys are choosing a court reporting firm for their next deposition, they are searching for quality services, affordable rates and the experience  needed to run a deposition smoothly from beginning to end. Here are a couple things to look for when choosing the right court reporting firm for the job.

The latest technology

It should remain a high priority for all Phoenix, AZ video court reporters to stay abreast of the very latest in today’s technology. They should be experts in video streaming and secure remote video deposition technologies. Common formats such as MPEG-1 are outdated and clients should look for court reporting firms who offer no less than high definition video files in MPEG-4. The best firms will work videographers proficient in PIP (picture in picture) and ELMO document cameras.

Excellent client services

Look for a highly-trained staff that is well versed in handling client inquiries and invoice discrepancies professionally. A well-knowledged staff will possess all the skills needed to assist you and answer any questions directly or direct you to someone who can promptly.

Trusted court reporting firms have:

  • Experienced and highly trained staff
  • Prompt top-notch client services
  • On-going training and education
  • Accurate and consistent billing

Clients should never worry about:

  • Hidden charges
  • Not getting what they are promised
  • Unequal treatment or billing
  • No-call, no-shows from their court reporters

At Phoenix Deposition Services, we pride ourselves on being your go-to Phoenix, AZ video court reporter’s you can always count on. Call us today or schedule your next deposition with us.