Court Reporters Using Zoom

Court Reporters Using Zoom

Court reporters using Zoom video conferencing software create a visual record of the deposition testimony beyond typical written transcripts. They are often the key point of change in trial or settlement of a case. That is why I recommend Zoom for  court reporters.

Court reporters using Zoom tips.

Keep your mic on if you plan to speak.

 Don’t take your mic off when you finish your line of questioning. If you do, the court reporter and videographer may not accurately capture your comments, objections or questions.

Cover your mic if you don’t want to be recorded
Videographers using Zoom make every attempt to not record sidebar conversations, but the safest bet is cover your mic when saying something that you don’t want to be included in the record.

Check out your videographer’s video framing
Before the deposition actually starts, ask your videographer to show how he or she framed the witness. If you don’t like something about the shot, ask your videographer to alter the framing before starting the deposition.

Ensure that only one person speaks at a time

Just as it is hard for a court reporter to capture everything correctly when multiple participants speak at once, videos can also become confusing when there are many voices speaking at the same time. Another reason to take turns speaking is to get your video deposition back sooner. Videos will take longer to edit if multiple people are speaking over each other.

Video depositions present the opportunity for attorneys to better convey witness testimony in either trial or settlement settings. For more tips on conducting depositions, check out our previous blog post on witness preparation tips.

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