Tips On Being A Successful Court Reporter

3 Tips to Being A Successful Court Reporter

Successful Court Reporter Tip #1.  Reputation and consistency.

The first step to success is building a solid reputation within the legal community. One way of doing this is by producing quality work that is on time every time. Do not underestimate the importance of this. Deliver every transcript on or before the deadline. Missing a deadline is a costly mistake and not just for the hiring attorney and their clients but to you and your reputation as well . You may find word of mouth being a very helpful tool in getting your name out there and getting the repeat business you desire.

Successful Court Reporter Tip #2.  Make Yourself Available 

If you wish to be the first choice a legal secretary makes when it comes time to schedule a deposition, then do your very best at making the time to meet the requirements of the job. Sometimes gaining the winning advantage over the competition you have to go above and beyond expectation, such as working nights, weekends and holidays to meet your deadlines. Whenever possible try to avoid taking time off of the work week. Flexibility also includes willingness to travel.

Successful Court Reporter Tip #3.  Keep Your Skills Relevant 

There is always something more one can learn, especially when setting out for advancement as a court reporter. Time spent learning new vocabulary or new technologies not only make a reporter’s skills more marketable but demonstrate a clear commitment to the craft. Legal secretaries look for reporters who have conditioned themselves to upgrade their knowledge of the latest technology willingly. Many court reporters choose to become real-time certified. Law firms and hiring attorneys  recognize the reporter who takes steps to achieve this next level of speed and convenience. Also, real-time reporting fees are higher, which offers reporters a financial incentive to upgrade their skills.



3 thoughts on “Tips On Being A Successful Court Reporter

  1. I like that you mentioned how good court reporters will keep up on the technology of the time. This is key to staying relevant and efficient. When in need, this is what businesses and individuals will look for.

  2. I have a friend who has considered becoming a court reporter in the past. I like your point about how missing a deadline in this line of work can hurt your reputation. I’ll be sure to mention this to him in case he ever wants to go into this field.

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