Exhibeo For Attorneys

Exhibeo for attorneys is the subject of this week’s blog. Attorneys are responsible for the collecting, organizing, and maintenance of files for a deposition. In addition, they have to ensure this information is available when it is needed. Historically this entails spending a fortune on shipping or having to haul large, heavy boxes wherever they need to go. Exhibeo is making the lives of paralegals and legal secretaries easier worldwide.

Exhibeo saves time, effort and tons of money, including the cost of manpower. Its security features are one of the attractive capabilities of this product. You can relax knowing that all of your files are secure, uploading all the documents you want up to 300,000 onto your drive, then being able to recall by the keyword search. Nothing is held in the cloud, removing the vulnerability of potential hacks. Another added benefit is the level of preparedness with all of your files being portable. Being able to search and share your documents once you save them is a game-changing feature, whereas now you can find exactly what you’re looking for by searching with exact quotes instead of reading line by line. Once saved you can distribute the documents to all parties using Exhibeo’s closed and secure network. So if you are preparing for an all-day deposition for multiple parties and want to save the dreaded cost and labor that goes with the previous method, then we encourage you to check out this new and innovative tool for paralegals, attorneys, and legal secretaries.

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