Legal Assistants and The Deposition

This article is about legal assistants and the deposition tips we can provide to assist in the legal community.

Legal Assistants and the Deposition

Before the Deposition

Legal assistants will want to prepare for the following things.

  • Determine where the deposition will be taking place and that it is suitable for the demands of the day.
  • Verify the lighting is adequate and that there is an appropriate amount of space and seating available. Also that there are photocopying and wifi available.
  • Contact the court reporting firm and arrange for any changes in time or venue that may have come up, any videography services that are needed and local or remote realtime connections are available.
  • If the case is technical, give the court reporter a list of case-specific terms to program into their stenotype job dictionary.

Time of Deposition

  • Be sure to introduce yourself to the videographer and court reporter and remember to provide all interested parties with a business card.
  • If there are exhibits that need pre-marked before going on the record, be sure to provide these to the court reporter.
  • Go over a few of the Do’s and Don’ts and remind the witness of how to be a rockstar during questioning.

Before You Leave

  • Consult with the court reporter and be sure they have everything they need such as all of the needed spellings.
  • Verify the delivery time of the final transcript and synced video.
  • Verify who exactly will be in charge of retaining the exhibits.
  • See if your court reporter has time to quickly clean up the rough draft while he is still connected to his/her realtime feed.

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