Tips on Deposition Ethics and Integrity

Tips on deposition ethics and integrity


This blog is about tips on deposition ethics and integrity of our Phoenix, AZ court reporters. At Phoenix Deposition Services, we’re proud to offer high-quality court reporting services to the Phoenix community. We’ve been doing so for 30 years. Providing well-trained, expert court reporters who will ensure the integrity of a deposition.

Court reporting is a big part of this overall integrity, but it’s not the only factor. Let’s go over some of the primary areas to consider when thinking about behaving ethically in a deposition. Also how you can be as well-prepared as possible.

Hiring a Videographer

Our video court reporters and their services are not only practical, but they’re also often vital for ensuring the ethics of a deposition. What’s the simplest way to solve a dispute about what was said or not said in a deposition? The ability to play the entire thing back on video.

Not only are video depositions practical for this reason, but they’re also a tool to keep all parties on good behavior. People who know they’re being recorded are less likely to improperly object or otherwise behave badly. If depositions are a regular event for you, a video of the proceedings allows you to go back and review your own performance so you can improve in the future.

Planning and Rules

Both for ethical reasons and for the quality of your case, planning carefully before a deposition is important. One big element here is court rules, such as your potential ability to suspend the deposition if the opposing attorney is badgering or being unruly. There are cases where you can file a motion with the court for sanctions against the other attorney, such as when this party is badgering your witness and potentially hurting your case. You should make good faith efforts to end this behavior if it begins, but if you’re unsuccessful, know whether or not this option is available to you.


One common form of unruly behavior from attorneys on either side of a deposition is objections made too often or without just cause. Some attorneys even attempt to use this as a tactic. They try to scare their opponents who may be newer to the deposition game. Objections can also be used as a subtle form of witness coaching. This is expressly illegal even through indirect methods like this.

You should be on the lookout for this sort of thing or engage in it yourself. If you do feel that the opposing party is taking part in this behavior, be sure to state this fact notably for the record.

For more on proper ethics in a deposition, speak to the staff at Phoenix Deposition Services today.