How Transcripts Are Made

How Transcripts Are Made

This blog is an in-depth article on how transcripts are made. First, there is the deposition. Following that there is a process performed by the court reporter in producing an official transcript for our clients.

Documentation of deposition

Using a stenotype machine the court reporter documents the deposition word for word.

Proofreading and Editing Transcripts

At this point comes the proofreading and editing portion of the rough transcript by the court reporter. Sometimes a scopist is hired for the editing but not always.  During the editing process, the court reporter or scopists makes sure that any “untranslated” words (words that are not translated by the computer program that translates shorthand) are translated from steno shorthand to English. Then, any misspellings or typos are corrected.

Title Page Creation

This is where the court reporter or scopist create a title page as well as insert the page numbers for easy reference.


The court reporter reads the transcript through once more for any final corrections or edits to be made.

Production of transcript

The court reporter then produces the transcript.

Sending it Promptly

This is where Phoenix Deposition Services or another court reporting firm would promptly send out the transcript to the client.

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