3 Ethical Practices in Court Reporting

Here are 3 ethical practices in court reporting :

1. Provide same services to all parties

 Any reporter MUST provide the same services in the same time frame to all parties in the proceeding, not just to the firm that hired them, not just to one individual party, but to all parties in a proceeding.

2. Remain Unbiased

During a trial, court reporters must listen to everything that is going on in the room.  They must remain unbiased and transcribe each document as accurately and precisely as humanly possible.  The validity of the case itself depends on the reporter’s documentation.  A reporter must listen to every statement and record it without considering its weight one way or another.

It is not the court reporters job to choose what is recorded or what facts should be included.  Every statement, reference and exhibit must be properly and accurately recorded to maintain the integrity of the case from start to finish.  For example, if the court reporter  knows someone involved with the case or has information that is pertinent to the case, they should feel a moral and legal obligation to step down from the position and let an unbiased third-party court reporter take over their duties.

3. Preserve the record

 HIPAA rules apply to court reporters to the extent that we’re required to protect the information we hear and write, including private information, like social security numbers, credit histories, health information, credit card numbers, and any other personally identifiable information.  The items listed above are all examples of details we hear every day.

Exhibits are another example of documents that need to be protected within the HIPAA rules.  Often medical records are admitted as exhibits to a deposition or court trial and there are numerous rules and guidelines that must be followed to maintain their confidentiality.

These 3 ethical practices are just the beginning in a long list of morally righteous convictions we possess and practice daily at Phoenix Deposition Services.

When working with Phoenix Deposition Services, you can always trust we hold our ethical standards to the highest degree of importance.   Schedule your deposition today and see for yourself.

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