Official Court Reporters vs Freelance

Official court reporters vs freelance reporters is the topic of this week’s blog.

There are two main categories of court reporters:  freelance and official.  When I tell people what i do for a living they usually  assume I work directly for the Courts.  Most people that are not in the legal field have no idea that freelance court reporters exist.  However, did you know that a majority of court reporters work outside of the courthouse?  According to the NCRA, over 70 percent of America’s 35,000-plus court reporters work outside of the courtroom.  Here is a brief  description of the difference between the two.

Official Court Reporters

When you think about the court reporter in the courtroom recording a trial on his/her steno machine, you’re thinking about an official court reporter.  These types of court reporters are employed by the judicial system.  It is their responsibility to take the spoken word and transcribe it into text during legal proceedings in the courtroom.  They must ensure that they produce an accurate and complete record of the proceedings.

Freelance Court Reporters

Freelance reporters, on the other hand, are often independent contractors or work for a court reporting firm.  They are hired by law firms and other organizations to cover depositions, arbitrations, meetings, business sessions, and much more.  Due to the varying types of assignments, freelance reporters often travel to different locations and work long, rigorous hours depending on the demands of job.

Even though they do not often work in a courtroom, freelance reporters still play a significant role in the legal process.  Take  depositions, for example.  During a deposition a court reporter is not only needed to accurately record a witness’s oral testimony but he can also administer an oath to the witness and swear them in.  They, too, ensure an accurate and complete record of the proceedings.

We hope you found this blog to be fun and educational.  We sincerely thank our readers for taking the time to read our little nuggets of knowledge.

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