Choosing the Right Court Reporting Firm

 What to look for in a great court reporting firm

When choosing the right court reporting firm, there a few things to keep in mind.  Having more than three decades of court reporting under our belt, we have refined our techniques and our code of ethics to a standard of which we are quite proud.  That being said, we have put together a list of qualities to look for when choosing a court reporting firm you can trust and rely on time and time again.

 Do some research and ask around about the court reporting firm you have in mind.

  1. You can read their reviews or testimonials online on sites like Google + or yelp.
  2. Have they worked with other attorneys you know and would they, or do they, use them still?
  3. Were they professionally dressed and were they on time?
  4. Be sure to visit their website and see what services they offer and if they service your area?
  5. When visiting their website take notice to if it is well written and up to date.


How experienced are they and are they certified?

  1. How long have they been serving the legal community and what can one expect when doing business with them?
  2. Do they have enough availability to do last-minute depositions when called upon?
  3. Do they offer full litigation services?


 Make sure you discuss cost of services

  1.  Are all of their services included in the agreed-upon price?


All and all, finding a one-stop shop that is affordable and professional with a long history of outstanding transcripts delivered in a timely manner with great customer service is what you’re looking for.

When choosing the right court reporting firm, look no further than Phoenix Deposition Services for all of your court reporting needs.  You can even schedule a deposition today or speak to one of our highly-qualified staff members here at 602-230-2499.

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