Realtime Reporting Benefits

Realtime Reporting Transcripts Are Instantly Available

Realtime reporting makes it possible for the information to be captured, stored and available immediately. Not only are they available for viewing, they are available for sharing, which brings us to our next benefit of realtime court reporting.

Instant Sharing and Viewing of Case Information

Information from transcripts can be copied and pasted easily and shared through email or fax, then sent to others involved in the case. In addition, those viewing in realtime are able to look up and review evidence using only a few keywords pertaining to that evidence.

Information is Quickly Found and Easily Searched

A few keywords used in previous proceedings or discussions are all you need to search an entire database of transcripts. Notes and annotations can also be made within transcripts providing the ability to access indexes and key information unique to each case.

Annotations and Notes Being Made Within the Transcript

Court reporters create indexes of the unique terms and names for each case in advance so that when a deponent mentions a certain keyword a note or annotation can be made within the transcript. You can only imagine what a valuable tool this has become for legal teams. Now that we have mentioned valuable tools to attorneys, this brings us to our next benefit of realtime.

 Instantly Impeached Testimony Using Realtime Reporting

Lawyers with remote access can request clarification or challenge key issues, eliminating the need for secondary depositions. However, when a witness has testified falsely, the case management team can check the trial record against a transcript of the witness’s prior depositions or in-court testimony. Then they can use two or more digital records to point out the witness’s inconsistencies, thereby impeaching the witness’s testimony instantly.

There are so many advantages to realtime court reporting, in fact, too many to put in one blog.

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